Salvucci is a pianist with a thing for dense, impassioned lyricism and freewheeling melody”

Margaret Welsh, Pittsburgh Current

At the age of 15, Gabriella Salvucci made musical history - the Oakdale, Pennsylvania resident became the youngest artist to ever sign to Misra Records.

As a piano player, singer, and songwriter, every moment in Gabriella’s music can be heard brimming with promise, largely thanks to a powerful voice both figuratively and literally wise beyond her years (think Norah Jones or Joss Stone). She takes her musical cues from artists such as Fiona Apple, Florence + the Machine, Maggie Rogers, Declan McKenna, and Feist. More than just a passion she’s followed since childhood, Salvucci wants her music to serve as a catalyst for change.

Gabriella wants listeners to truly connect with her work as an artist - Misra is proud to share her songs with you, small snapshots of some of the most important moments in her life.

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