At the age of 15, Gabriella Salvucci made musical history. The Pittsburgh based musician signed to Misra Records, becoming the youngest artist to ever sign to the label that’s spent nearly two decades working with some of the most innovative names in music. 

In 2022, Salvucci spent a week in mid April recording her debut album at The Church Recording Studio. With the guidance of producer Dana Cannone, and the expertise of select musicians courtesy of The Commonheart, Salvucci’s songs were brought to life. “Peace Offering” is a collection of songs that narrates both Salvucci’s personal experiences as well as those of characters. Whether it be political turmoil, or her older sister moving away, Gabriella details her emotions with poise and perspective beyond her years. As revealed in her self-titled EP released in 2021, Gabriella wants her music to serve as a catalyst for change. This new album does just that, while also detailing the hardship and heartbreak that comes along with it.  

A budding pianist and guitarist, Gabriella writes all original music, while also collaborating with accomplished songwriters, musicians, and experts in the industry. She attends a performing arts high school and also studies under the esteemed musicians of the Afro American Music Institute.  

Her passions are often present in her music, as she uses her lyrics “to draw attention to social justice.” Bringing all of these ideals together, she takes cues from artists including Maggie Rogers, Florence + the Machine, and Brandi Carlile.