1. Hoax
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Hoax" is Gabriella Salvucci's debut single. The song tells the story of growing up and reflecting back on your past self.

released May 15, 2020
Lyrics by Gabriella Adelaide Salvucci
Performed by Gabriella Salvucci


Lyrics -
Verse 1
You turned your head every time
Something scary came on the television
I wish I had seen ten years from then
But I don't have 20/20 vision

Verse 2
And maybe it wasn't right
To leave the past behind
'Cause now you're watching horror movies
It was all a waste of time

Things are changing, faces fading
From my memory
Names just slipping out my mind
The people we used to be
And I suspect it was a hoax
The things you told me
And I'm done sitting in your basement
Channel Surfing, Channel surfing

Verse 3
And I change my mind
Like the weather in the summertime
And it's no use
To try and convince you to go outside
When you were apart of me for some time
I guess I've decided that I'm leaving you behind